Aloe Life®
- When quality is a demand!

Aloe Scandinavia AB is one of the leading importers in Europe of the substance Aloe Vera and with its own label and trademark Aloe Life.

During many years Aloe Vera has been used within cosmetics and beauty care, but during recent time it is used more commonly within nutritional supplements and food supply. Our Aloe Vera substance is the base component in many high quality products on the market, among others in food, juice, diary products, skin and hair care products, toothpaste, cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

Our Aloe Vera is quality tested (safety and activity) and has IASC certificate (International Aloe Science Council). It is also ecologically certificated in accordance by SGS Europe and is completely without any preservatives.

Our company takes an active part in the manufacturing process and can in this way guarantee a high class Aloe Vera substance of very high and balanced quality.

The cultivations we represent works according to a long term and gentle cultivation process, which means that the plantation does not impoverish the resources of our planet. We have a warehouse in Sweden and can deliver within 10 days to countries in Europe.